Our Staff

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Office Manager

Receptionist for Dr. Morch

Gail has been with MyFamilyMD since 2010 and drives in all the way from Pickering every day to be part of our family.  Gail is now our Office Manager as well as the receptionist responsible for Dr. Morch.



Dr. Baker, Dr. Hind & Dr. Mathew

Jo-Anne is the primary receptionist for Dr. Baker, Dr. Hind & Dr. Mathew.  She started with us in 2013.  She is an experienced receptionist and a terrific member of the team.  Jo-Anne keeps us all on track!


Office Nurse

Yan is our fantastic nurse.  An RPN from Ottawa, she has amazing skills and we rely on her every day to care for our patients and triage our phone calls.  We are very happy to have Yan with us.  She is a great addition to the team.



Dr. Goldman, Dr. Lee & Dr. Wang

Whitney started as our data-entry clerk in 2016, but she was so skillful and reliable, we promoted her to a full-time receptionist.  She is doing a fantastic job.  Whitney is the main receptionist for Dr. Goldman, Dr. Lee and Dr. Wang.  Say 'Hi' to Whitney the next time you're in.


396 St. Clair Ave. W.

Loblaws on the Mezzanine

Toronto, ON  M5P 3N3

(416) 928-9343

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