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My First Appointment

Arrive Early

There is paperwork to review and complete at your first appointment.  Arrive 15 minutes early.   This is a great way to help keep the doctor on time.  If you can, print off the introductory health questionnaire, fill it out and bring it with your to your appointment.  Have a look at our latest newsletter and check out our office brochure.

Health Questionnaire
What will happen

At check-in, the receptionist will take your OHIP card and demographic information and you will be handed a clipboard to complete a Health Questionnaire. Transcribe the medical history data to this form and list the medications and allergies as outlined.

You will be brought in to meet YOUR doctor who will spend time reviewing the information presented and enter data into your chart on the computer. With exceptions, do not expect any form of medical assessment at time of the Introductory Appointment. The purpose is for collection of medical information only and, when properly done, this process takes a full twenty minute appointment time. The collection of this data is essential to your future medical care.

What to bring with you

Bring your valid OHIP card, a current address of residence and a list of contact phone numbers and an email address.  Don't forget your postal code.

Bring all of your current medications in their labeled bottles or blister packs.  Do not just bring a list of medications.  Please include all vitamins, inhalers, injectibles and naturopathic supplements.

Bring a list of your significant past and current medical history, including admissions to hospital, surgeries and specialists you currently see.  Be as accurate as you can but more details can be acquired at a later date.            

Joining the Practice

You will be asked to complete and sign a series of forms at your appointment. These may include: Consent for transfer of medical records from any former Family Doctor or hospital; a statement of intent to register with our Family Health Organization; and a  Block Fee enrolment form (if you choose). You will also be invited to our secure portal to allow email communication with you and the office.  As much as possible, we hope to get the paperwork out of the way at your first appointment.

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