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Block Fee Program

Why pay piecemeal for uninsured services?  

Enrol in our yearly Block Fee Program and have these charges covered.

NOTE:  Physician Block Fees are covered by most 3rd party insurance plans

What our Block Fee Covers

Prescription Renewals

Whether by phone, email or fax.  Whether requested by patient, caregiver or pharmacy.  Excludes narcotics and sedatives.  $30

Day Care Notes

For 'free of disease' or other medical notes.  $30

School or Camp Forms

For inclusion in school or camp program.  $65

Wart Treatments

The application of liquid nitrogen to an unlimited number of warts.  $30

Certification of Fitness Forms

Completion of medical form certifying the medical ability to participate in an event or program.  $65

CPP Disability Forms

Completion of the physician sections of the Canada Pension Plan disability forms.  $85

Insurance Certificates

For massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, chiropody, assisted devices and orthotics.  $30

Insurance Forms

Various medical forms, excluding medico-legal forms and those paid for or reimbursed by a third party.  $65 to $300

Telephone or Email Advice

At physician's discretion.  Per 5 minutes,  when you don't have an appointment.  Unlimited.  $30

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 16.42.29.jpg

Referral without an appointment

Referrals are an insured service when they are made in relation to an assessment by your doctor.  $30

Photocopies & Faxes

Per 20 pages or less.  For personal use or at the request of a third party.  $25

Liquid Nitrogen cosmetic lesions

Per lesion. At physician's discretion.  $30

Sick & Back-to-Work Notes

A simple letter from your doctor for time away or return to work.  $30

Travel Cancellation Forms

As provided by airline or travel company to allow medical exclusion from a trip.  $65

Fitness Club Forms

For participation in or exclusion from a fitness program or gym.  $65

Transfer of Medical Records

When requested by a patient for the transfer of care to another physician $70

TB Skin Tests

per 'Step'

For the purpose of employment or volunteer work.  Each 'Step' includes injection of tuberculin and interpretation at 48-72 hours. $50

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 16.31.48.jpg

Ear Wax Removal

For one or two ears either via flush or curette. $30

What our Block Fee DOES NOT Cover

Missed Appointment


Missing appointments waste time for everyone.  Applies if cancellation <24 hours in advance.  $80

Missed Appointment


For physicals, periodic health reviewed, counselling & psychotherapy.  Missing appointments waste time for everyone.  Applies if cancellation <24 hours in advance.  $155

Excision of Benign Lesions

Per lesion, at discretion of physician.  $80

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