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About Us

MyFamilyMD.  The Story.

MyFamilyMD is led by the husband and wife team of Dr. Jason Baker & Dr. Ellie Morch.  The doctors met during Family Medicine residency training at the University of Ottawa in 1995 and were married two years later.  They ran a joint Family Practice in the town of Renfrew, Ontario for over seven years prior to moving back to Toronto in 2005.  They have three beautiful children.  Both Drs. Baker and Morch have special skills and training that they rely on to make their practice of Family Medicine a true model of comprehensive care.  Patients of MyFamilyMD should not expect to be referred for specialist opinions and investigations without first a proper assessment and diagnostic work up.  The doctors take great pride in their knowledge and skils and will continue this style of medicine in their current location.

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