Block Fee Program

Why pay piecemeal for uninsured services?  

Enrol in our Block Fee Program to cover  these services once-yearly.

What our Block Fee Covers

Prescription Renewals

Whether by phone, email or fax.  Whether requested by patient, caregiver or pharmacy.  Excludes narcotics and sedatives.  $25

Day Care Notes

For 'free of disease' or other medical notes.  $25

School or Camp Forms

For inclusion in school or camp program.  $60

Wart Treatments

The application of liquid nitrogen to an unlimited number of warts.  $25

Certification of Fitness Forms

Completion of medical form certifying the medical ability to participate in an event or program.  $60

CPP Disability Forms

Completion of the physician sections of the Canada Pension Plan disability forms.  $85

Referral without an appointment

Referrals are an insured service when they are made in relation to an assessment by your doctor.  $25

Insurance Certificates

For massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, chiropody, assisted devices and orthotics.  $25

Insurance Forms

Various medical forms, excluding medico-legal forms and those paid for or reimbursed by a third party.  $60-$200

Telephone or Email Advice

At physician's discretion.  Per 5 minutes.  Unlimited.  $25

Driver's Medical Exam and Forms

Ontario provincial driver's medical form and accompanying examination.  $165

Photocopies & Faxes

Per 20 pages or less.  For personal use or at the request of a third party.  $20

Liquid Nitrogen cosmetic lesions

Per lesion. At physician's discretion.  $25

Sick & Back-to-Work Notes

A simple letter from your doctor for time away or return to work.  $25

Travel Cancellation Forms

As provided by airline or travel company to allow medical exclusion from a trip.  $60

Fitness Club Forms

For participation in or exclusion from a fitness program or gym.  $60

Transfer of Medical Records

When requested by a patient for the transfer of care to another physician $60

TB Skin Tests

per 'Step'

For the purpose of employment or volunteer work.  Each 'Step' includes injection of tuberculin and interpretation at 48-72 hours. $45

Ear Wax Removal

For one or two ears either via flush or curette. $25

What our Block Fee DOES NOT Cover

Missed Appointment


Missing appointments waste time for everyone.  Applies if cancellation <24 hours in advance.  $80

Missed Appointment


For physicals, periodic health reviewed, counselling & psychotherapy.  Missing appointments waste time for everyone.  Applies if cancellation <24 hours in advance.  $155

Excision of Benign Lesions

Per lesion, at discretion of physician.  $80


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